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Albi Manufacturing
Albi has been the first name in fireproofing for over forty years. Albi products offer premium quality fire protection, meeting or exceeding, standard fire test requirements, building codes and insurance needs. That commitment to quality is what makes our Albi products the choice of architects, construction professional and fire-safety officials all over the world.


Our product line includes:
Albi Clad FP
Ultra-thin fireproofing paint that gives an
architectural, decorative finish to wood,
wallboard and other interior surfaces.

Albi Clad TF
Water-based, thin-film intumescent fireproofing
for exposed interior structural steel.

Albi Clad 800
Exterior-grade intumescent fireproofing that
withstands abuse and the elements.

Albi DriClad
Low-cost, uniform-density mineral board
that installs dry all year.

Albi 107A and Albi 144
Solvent-based fire retardant coating and fire
inert topcoat.

Albi Cote FRL
Water-based fire retardant coating and topcoat.

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