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Specialty Coatings
For over 80 years StanChemís Specialty Coatings have been protecting many items used in our daily lives.  From the electrical boxes and circuit breakers found in our homes to industrial valves used in refineries we have continued to manufacture coatings that help protect and beautify things around us. 

Our clear coatings can be found covering the brass hardware and lighting fixtures in our homes to the bronze plaques and statues gracing our public spaces.  Our Plastisols can be found on the hand tools we use on the weekends.  Our fire retardant paints are protecting the nursing homes and hospitals we visit and our specialty inks are part of the merchandize labels helping to control the inventories in the stores we shop at. 

From China to Connecticut our Specialty Coatings can be found enhancing many of the products we use, admire and depend upon.  Our coatings help protect people from electrical shock and fire and they help protect many manufactured items from the wear and tare of life.