The Final Test

All new emulsion polymer grades for CASE (Coatings , Adhesives , Sealants and Elastomeric) applications developed by StanChem Polymer’s R&D team undergo rigorous application testing against industry standard tests in our Application Laboratory. Testing equipment includes Salt Spray, Variable Humidity and Temperature Chamber, Mullen burst tester, Taber Abrasion and Scrub Resistance, Hydrostatic Pressure, Hardness Development and Dry Time, Minimum Film Forming Temperature, Peel & Adhesion testing, Perm Ratings, QUV, Colorimeter, and full range of chemical, adhesion, and humidity testing. Stanchem Polymer’s sister company, Albi Protective Coatings has a full service fire testing facility including a fire test furnace with the ability to do  UL 94, ASTM E84/UL 723, and UL 263/ASTM E119 testing.