Advancing the Coatings Industry

StanChem is constantly pushing the boundaries of emulsion polymer technology to deliver new and unique solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s market needs. Whether its improving current products and expanding our offerings for your application, or breaking into new markets, StanChem will be at the forefront of development for these emulsion polymer grades of the future.

SC 6908
Stain Blocking

Designed for interior/exterior stain- and tannin-blocking primers and sealers; excellent weatherability and wet adhesion.

SC 5237
Intumescent / Fire Protection

Vinyl/VeoVa* copolymer designed for high performance intumescent coatings.

SC 6380

Binder for concrete cure & seal applications requiring ASTM C 309 water vapor barrier performance.

SC 6885
Self Crosslinking / Non-Woven

SC 6885 is a new self-crosslinking all acrylic emulsion polymer designed for nonwoven, textile and paper bonding, cures to a durable, long lasting binder.

SC 6477
Rheology Thickener

SC 6477 is a versatile, highly effective alkali swellable emulsion this high acid number latex undergoes complete dissolution in aqueous media when the pH rises above 6.5 and smoothly increases the viscosity of the formulated product.

SC 6957
Metal Corrosion Protection

Acrylonitrile-modified with excellent adhesion, hardness development and chemical resistance.

SC 6898
Moisture Vapor Barrier

Styrene/acrylic elastomeric roof coating.

SC 6990
Traffic Paint

Outperforms industry leading Dow Fast Track traffic marking latex.

SC 6129

Saturation of non woven filtration media.

SC 6933
Self Crosslinking

Hydrophobically modified latex with ambient temperature self-crosslinking that enhances the water resistance of the end product.