Emulsion Polymers
for a World of Applications

Emulsion polymerization is a method for producing a water-based polymer (latex) with any desired morphology, composition, sequence distribution, surface groups, molecular weight distribution, particle size distribution, particle concentration, degree of crystallinity or film-forming properties.

StanChem is a leader in the development and full-scale manufacture of a broad line of high performance emulsion polymers for a range of markets:






Non-Woven & Textiles

Specialty Papers/Packaging


Emulsion Polymers
by Technologies

Over the decades, our comprehensive line of emulsion polymers has pushed the frontier of emulsion polymer technology. StanChem provides high-performing, quality emulsion polymer grades tailored to your application combined with the best application technical support and customer service in the coatings and adhesives industry.

StanChem collaborates with customers to formulate emulsion polymer solutions to meet their unique needs. We handle a wide variety of monomers including acrylonitrile. Our proprietary patented technologies can create polymers with superior features such as exceptional adhesion to substrates, water resistance, block resistance and abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

We have developed industry leading self-crosslinking emulsion polymer chemistry and are capable to run multi-stage emulsion polymerization processes.

StanChem emulsion polymer choices include:

Vinyl Acetate Emulsions

Vinyl Acetate homopolymer latex binders.

Acrylic Emulsions

Acrylic latex binders.

Vinyl Acrylic Emulsions

Vinyl acrylic latex binders.

Styrene Acrylic Emulsions

Styrene acrylic latex binders.

Specialty Emulsion Polymers

In addition to our standard line of emulsions listed in our catalogue, StanChem partners with it’s customers and co develops  a wide range of specialty emulsion polymers. The majority of these emulsions have been developed for individual customers requiring unique proprietary formulas (patent protected or trade secret protected).

Speed to Market

Our individualized approach combined with our 2-4 drum pilot plant enables rapid product development and shortens the timeline to full commercialization. By listening and collaborating, we deliver best-in-class emulsion polymer solutions.

Custom Emulsion Polymer Solutions

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