Emulsion Polymers for Architectural Applications

For high performance and environmentally friendly architectural coatings, we formulate sophisticated emulsion polymers that meet the demanding specifications of consumers for a variety of applications. Our water-based polymers help protect interior and exterior surfaces from corrosion, stains, rust and abrasions and more.

The products listed below represent only a sample of our product offering. For more information, please contact us to discuss your product needs.

SC 5218

Surfactant stabilized vinyl/acrylic copolymer. Provides superior scrub resistance, durability and flexibility.

SC 5273

Novel green VA free of APEO’s, formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors and no phthalates.

SC 5184

Vinyl/Acrylic copolymer designed for flat and low gloss architectural coatings.

SC 6125

Lower Tg for reduced VOC; excellent tack free surface.

SC 6870

Small particle size acrylic for coatings applications requiring high hardness, scratch resistance and block resistance.  Also enhances water resistance and weatherability.

SC 6445

Carboxylated copolymer offering excellent pigment dispersion and UV resistance. Crosslinkable.

SC 6569

100% acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for manufacturing inks.

SC 6261

Exterior binder with good wet adhesion, dirt pick up resistance and gloss retention.

SC 6904

General purpose all acrylic binder with good substrate penetration, good wet adhesion. APEO and formaldehyde free.

SC 6694

Durable exterior coating binder providing good wet adhesion and resistance to dirt pick up.

SC 6933

Hydrophobic, self crosslinking Veocryl binder for durable architectural and industrial coatings.

SC 6553

High solids binder for exterior/interior coatings.Excellent low temperature film formation.

SC 6508

For exterior paints. Provides wet adhesion and excellent adhesion to chalky, weathered surfaces.

SC 6660

High Tg, durable, chemical resistant binder for industrial coatings.

SC 6823

High Tg, carboxylated copolymer for graphic arts and coatings applications.

SC 6873

High Tg, low color binder for industrial coatings and graphic arts.

SC 6257

Multi-purpose binder – metal, wood, plastics. Excellent clarity, water resistance and adhesion.

SC 6744

Cold rolled steel, wood or plastic. Good adhesion and water resistance.

SC 6735

Abrasion resistant clear coatings or pigmented systems with excellent exterior durability.

SC 6502

Styrene acrylic copolymer for the manufacture of water resistant coatings.

SC 6593

Small particle size copolymer for tough, water resistant coatings.

SC 6643

Styrene acrylic copolymer with excellent water resistance and cement compatibility.

SC 6477

Alkali swellable latex. Viscosity modifier for any waterborne system.

SC 7104

Solution of Poly(vinyl alcohol)

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