Emulsion Polymers for Construction Applications

For the many applications of emulsion polymers in construction, we formulate a range of products that enhance strength, durability, adhesion, water resistance, block resistance and abrasion resistance.

The products listed below represent only a sample of our product offering. For more information, please contact us to discuss your product needs.

SC 5019

HEC stabilized Vinyl Acetate homopolymer for dry wall mastics, joint compounds.

SC 5174

Vinyl/Acrylic copolymer for interior and exterior paints and coatings. Used in intumescent coatings.

SC 5184

Vinyl/Acrylic copolymer designed for flat and low gloss architectural coatings.


SC 6473

High solids latex; cement compatible.

SC 6446

Caulks and Sealants exhibiting good water resistance and flexibility.

SC 6838

Elastomeric coatings; provides excellent adhesion and low temperature flexibility.

SC 6686

Cement mortar modifier.

SC 6210

Mortar additive that imparts improved strength and flexibility.

SC 6640

Cement mortar modifier.

SC 6763

Caulks and Sealants with high flexibility, clarity, water resistance and abrasion resistance.

SC 6713

All acrylic latex; brings a high degree of flexibility and exterior durability to coatings and sealants.

NP 4529

Acrylic binder designed for flexibility, toughness and excellent adhesion. Elastomeric wall and roof coatings

SC 6477

Alkali swellable latex. Viscosity modifier for any waterborne system.

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