Emulsion Polymers for Non-Woven & Textile Applications

StanChem emulsion polymer formulas improve the performance and aesthetics of domestic and industrial non-woven and textile products. From easy saturation of nonwoven and cellulosic web substrates , we can formulate a custom solution for your application.

The products listed below represent only a sample of our product offering. For more information, please contact us to discuss your product needs.

SC 5019

HEC stabilized Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer.

SC 6445

Carboxylated copolymer enabling excellent pigment dispersion. Crosslinkable.

SC 6458

High Tg self crosslinking latex; provides chemical resistance and exceptional adhesion to multiple substrates.

SC 6074

All acrylic self crosslinking for firm hand; APEO free.

SC 6016

Self Crosslinking all acrylic.

SC 6044

High solids, medium hand, self-crosslinking. Outstanding durability to washing and dry cleaning.

SC 6185

All acrylic self crosslinking latex with excellent flexibility and high reactivity; yields tough, chemically resistant articles.

SC 6885

Self-crosslinking all acrylic designed for nonwoven, textile and paper bonding.  Provides a soft, flexible feel to finished articles and cures to a durable, long lasting binder.

SC 6946

A 100% cross-linking acrylic polymer which is useful in a variety of textile, paper and non-woven applications.  It will impart laundering and dry cleaning durability, excellent tear strength and crease recovery, as well as, improved pilling resistance. Will also provide excellent UV resistance as well as being self-thickening with an increase in pH.

SC 6742

High solids, APEO free, self crosslinking.

SC 6659

Self crosslinking acrylic with exceptional adhesion and high reactivity. Yields tough, durable articles with good chemical and laundering resistance.

SC 6486

Medium solids, soft hand, self-crosslinking. Excellent flexibility, hydrophobicity and durability to washing and dry cleaning.

SC 6586

Acrylic copolymer emulsion is crosslinkable with an acid catalyst and heat.

SC 6280

Crosslinking copolymer for non-wovens, adhesives with good water resistance properties.

SC 6768

Good flexibility and hydrophobicity. Abrasion resistant.

SC 6477

Alkali swellable latex. Viscosity modifier for any waterborne system.

SC 7104

Solution of Poly(vinyl alcohol).

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