Emulsion Polymers for Specialty Papers/Packaging Applications

StanChem offers a range of standard emulsion polymer grades for speciality paper and packaging applications – as well as designing custom solutions for unique applications for direct and indirect food contact. From high gloss to run resistance, water resistance or alkaline resistance, we can meet your unique needs.

The products listed below represent only a sample of our product offering. For more information, please contact us to discuss your product needs.

SC 5019

HEC stabilized Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer.


SC 5184

Vinyl/Acrylic copolymer designed for flat and low gloss architectural coatings.

SC 5186

PVOH Stabilized Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer.

SC 5189

PVOH Stabilized Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer, high viscosity base latex.

SC 5222

PVOH Stabilized Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer, very high viscosity base latex.

SC 6125

Cellulosic stabilized adhesive base, internally plasticized; hobby glues and pressure sensitive adhesives.

SC 6503

PVOH stabilized pressure sensitive adhesive, internally plasticized.

SC 5273

Novel green VA free of APEO’s, formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors and no phthalates.

SC 6823

High Tg, carboxylated copolymer for graphic arts and coatings applications.

SC 6873

High Tg, low color binder for industrial coatings and graphic arts.

SC 6569

100% acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for manufacturing inks.

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