Reactor 4, The Game Changer

By April 5, 2021 Blog, News

Reactor 4 was fully commissioned and ran our first approved batch on February 23, 2021!  This was the culmination of over two and a half years’ worth of hard work and determination, with many stops and starts along the way.  The result is a state-of-the-art Reactor that will add up to 50 million pounds of capacity for StanChem’s continued growth.

Reactor 4 has already resulted in improved throughput, safety, and batch quality. The finished products coming out the R4 are proving to be significantly improved in final CoA requirements and will result in efficiency improvements in the filtration and loading process.

While many individuals supported the R4 project, the dedicated team of employees and external experts were the driving force in bringing in the project on time and budget.

We would like to thank Joe Simoncek, Dennis Vachon, Matt Auchy, Dale Craven, Ray Rouleau, Alen Malicevic, Jose Planas and Paul Braeger.  These individuals worked seamlessly as a team and completed this project while also growing our throughput by over 15%.

This new reactor is truly a “gamechanger” for StanChem.  We can now very effectively pursue customers that are looking for more than just product.  They are looking for a company that is committed to continuous improvement and will invest in the future.  With R4, we will have everything that many of these customers are looking for in a latex supplier: quality, capacity, safety, and technical information.