StanChem’s Commitment To Fresh Water

By March 22, 2021 Blog
StanChem Water

In honor of World Water Day , StanChem Polymers thought it was an ideal time to show our commitment to protection of freshwater in Connecticut. One notable body of freshwater in Connecticut is the Mattabesset river, which borders the StanChem property. The Mattabesset river is home to several local aquatic species such as Alewifes and Gizzard Shads which migrate the river via the StanChem fishway. The Mattabesset also naturally drains out into the largest river in New England, the Connecticut river. These bodies of water help provide a large portion of Connecticut with fresh water that is crucial for local agriculture and ecosystems.

With the beauty of the Mattabesset river flowing adjacent to our latex plant, our company prides itself on our commitment of zero discharge, and zero emissions into our environment. StanChem Polymers takes no water from the Mattabesset river and we discharge nothing into this majestic waterway.

StanChem only utilizes water from the local water system and our operational standard of excellence has led to the acquisition and implementation of an onsite water treatment system called an ALAR Flex-O-Star.  This system allows us to treat, filter, and recycle our wastewater back into the products we produce and the local sewer system at a purity level equivalent to which we received it into our latex plant , ensuring the continued health and beauty of our waterway.

Respecting our local environment at StanChem Polymers through responsible and sustainable decisions, will leave the beauty of the Mattabesset river as beautiful now, as it will be for generations in the future.