Dennis Vachon, P.E.

EHS & Compliance Director

StanChem Polymers is proud to announce that Dennis Vachon, P.E. has joined StanChem in the permanent position of EHS & Compliance Director responsible for our manufacturing sites in East Berlin, Connecticut and Lodi, New Jersey.

Dennis is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut coupled with decades of experience in the manufacturing sector in Connecticut (Upjohn and Orafol/Reflexite) working local, state and federal agencies to ensure compliance to environmental and regulatory requirements.

Dennis has been part of the StanChem team as a consultant for the last four years and has been the key driver in our capital projects that have improved and enhanced our commitment to our Sustainability efforts at our East Berlin facility.

StanChem’s commitment to Safety coupled with maintaining a sustainable business enterprise for our employees, suppliers and customers is at the forefront of our mission statement. This position will continue to enhance these commitments.

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StanChem’s Fish Ladder

Air Scrubber System

ALAR Water Treatment

DI Water System

GREENGUARD Certification


StanChem’s Oxidizer

StanChem is proud to announce the installation of our newest piece of Air Emission Abatement technology, from a leading provider in the industry, Air Clear. This new Thermal Oxidizer removes greater than 99% of all harmful VOCs/HAPs and eliminates subsequent odors. The Thermal Oxidizer is replacing a 5-year-old scrubber that reduced emissions below requirement levels, however, the scrubber produces a waste stream that needs to be trucked off site for treatment and disposal. When the opportunity to implement and install superior air pollution control equipment presented itself StanChem took action to improve. We did so because StanChem is committed to the health of our workers, employees, and our communities both locally and globally. We are proud of our progress and will continue to move our company toward this shared vision of a cleaner future. StanChem sees environmental protection as a social responsibility, hopefully inspiring others along the way as well.


EcoVadis has awarded StanChem a Silver Recognition Level Award for its corporate sustainability program. EcoVadis is a global sustainability rating provider that focuses on corporate social responsibility. It has over 75,000 participating companies including well known companies such as Avery Dennison, 3M, Ahlstrom-Munksjo and Henkel. The Silver Recognition Level Award is giving to participants with sustainability ratings in the top 10%.

StanChem’s Fish Ladder

One notable body of freshwater in Connecticut is the Mattabesett river, which borders the StanChem property. A relatively small river, the Mattabesett river is home to several local aquatic species such as Alewifes and Gizzard Shads which migrate up river via the StanChem fishway. The Mattabesett also drains into the largest river in New England, the Connecticut river. These bodies of water help provide a large portion of Connecticut with fresh water that is crucial for local agriculture and ecosystems. With the majestic beauty of the Mattabesett river flowing adjacent to our latex plant, our company prides itself on our commitment of zero discharge, and zero emissions into our environment. StanChem Polymers takes no water from the Mattabesett river and we discharge nothing into this majestic waterway. Respecting our environment here at StanChem Polymers through responsible and sustainable decisions, will leave the beauty of the Mattabesett river as beautiful now, as it will be for generations to come.

Air Scrubber System

StanChem installed a new air scrubber in December 2018 to ensure that the air leaving our facility is clean. This significant capital investment with the newly installed air scrubber which is 50 times larger that the previous scrubber has resulted in zero air emissions from our plant. Stack testing, conducted with three-day continuous monitoring, validated scrubber efficiency.
Scrubber operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping procedures include but are not limited to,
-Daily VOC testing, via hand -held three gas meter.
-Daily operating parameter monitoring.
-Bi-weekly solution and carbon media replacement.
-Annual tower packing replacement.

ALAR Water Treatment System

StanChem upgraded the facility wastewater treatment system in October 2018 to improve capacity, effectiveness, and reliability. Previous treatment capacity was 6,000 gallons every 72 hours and consisted of decanting, pumping, filtering through a plate & frame press, several hours labor to scrap sludge from the press and then hauling the sludge off site. StanChem purchased an Alar Flex-O-Star 3000 with capacity treat and filter 12,000 gal of wastewater per day. The machine arrived pre-piped, pre-wired and skid mounted. After installation, a certified ALAR engineer traveled to StanChem to provide onsite safety and machine startup instruction. The Alar system removes latex from water using a two-step separation process: chemical separation and mechanical separation. The first step, chemical separation, breaks the solids and liquids apart by adding chemical pretreatments such as pH adjusters, polymers, or clays. The second step, mechanical separation, physically removes the precipitated solid particles from the sludge through filtration. Water quality was validated after installation and is validated every month in DMRs (Discharge Monitoring Reports) to local state officials. This new capital investment significantly increased the plants wastewater treatment capacity, eliminated sludge hauling and significantly reduced wastewater disposal costs.

Deionized Water System

Deionized water is essential for batch to batch consistency for latex production. Deionized water is exactly what it sounds like, water that has had the ions removed. The deionization process starts by running tap water through a system of ion exchange resins to extract the targeted ions and leaving behind clean deionized water. Regular tap water has all kinds of ions from run off and running through pipes. The concentration of ions found in tap water can vary by the time of the year or increases and decreases in rain fall. With highest quality deionized water, plant batch to batch consistency is 100% thereby eliminating off spec production and waste and improving customer quality.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

UL’s GREENGUARD Certification program is recognized and referenced in numerous building programs, standards and specifications around the world. Products with GREENGUARD Certification or GREENGUARD Gold Certification can contribute to the achievement of points in established green building rating systems, such as LEED, BREEAM, NAHB Green Building Standard 2015, Living Building Challenge 4.0, 2018 International Green Construction Code and others, and satisfy code or ordinance criteria and meet indoor air quality specific request for proposal (RFP) requirements.
Albi Protective Coatings, a subsidiary of StanChem Polymers, has multiple products holding GREENGUARD Gold Certifications. StanChem Polymers and Albi Protective Coatings take great pride in upholding excellent environmental standards. By maintaining our GREENGUARD Gold certification and practicing environmentally responsible workplace habits, and positively impacts the indoor air quality and health of our customers and our customer’s end-use projects.

StanChem Polymers and Albi Protective Coatings operate in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment and protects our future.